Akademikern 3/2014. Society's institutions have to learn how to communicate clearly in order to save time and money.

Akademikern 2/2014. Older coworkers situation at work.

Akademikern 1/2014. "Göteborgsandan". About corruption in Gothenburg.

Akademikern, december 2013. About internet security in local politics and City Hall.

Akademikern 2013. Healthcare at work.

Akademikern 2013. Threats at work.

"Lean" in the social-welfare.

Illustrations for Akademikern #1, 2013. The 80:s closet. About the unopenness at work during the 1980:s.

Illustrations for Akademikern, October 2012. First too young, the too old: About age discrimination.

Illustrations for Akademikern, April 2012. Beware of what you publish on the social networks!

Illustrations for Akademikern, May 2011. When should we retire? Who gaines, and who looses with today's system?

Illustrations for Akademikern, march 2011.